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Developer # of commits
Garry Newman 6,985
André Straubmeier 5,182
Maurino Berry 2,327
Diogo Teixeira 1,809
Vincent Mayeur 1,501
Shit garry says

Q : How good is Photon networking in your opinion? is it alright to use for a "survival" type game?

Asked 11 days ago

A : I dunno

Q : will rust ever come to console

Asked 15 days ago

A : No

Q : What do you think about conan exiles? it will kill ark or rust? Were you also planing to add npc slaves?

Asked 15 days ago

A : Yeah it will kill rust unless we copy all of its mechanics, so we plan to steal everything they do.

Latest events
New commit from Alex R
Fix bow shoot sound playing an extra time when quickly switching weapons
in main #18519

3 hours ago

New commit from Alex R
Fix RUST-1534
in main #18519

3 hours ago

New commit from Maurino
Reduced recycler volume slightly but increased audible radius
in main #18518

3 hours ago

New commit from Maurino
Oil barrels also produce a small amount of low grade fuel in addition to crude
in main #18518

3 hours ago

New commit from Maurino
Reduced stone cost of stone/concrete barricades
in main #18518

3 hours ago

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Community Update 120

Everyone’s first time in Rust, the most OTT base build video I’ve ever seen, and more.

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