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Check Rust "vital signs" at a glance : numbers of players and servers online, most active developers and fun stats. All sorts of statistics and IP address of the game servers. A list of all Rust Official servers too.

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Hall of famesince June 2014

Developer # of commits
Garry Newman 7,340
André Straubmeier 5,578
Maurino Berry 2,746
Diogo Teixeira 2,120
Vincent Mayeur 1,751
Shit garry says

Q : For once in your life be serious and answer the dam question Are you guys going to do anything to prevent cheating in Rust? like getting a new anti-cheat that actually works? if you dont care about that,can you ask Helk if he can create account on this site so we can ask him those questions?

Asked 7 days ago

A : I seem to answer this question a lot, and the position hasn't really changed.

Q : Why does xtab have such a big influence on skins? There's clearly a wider opinion on what makes a good skin, if you look at tweets and the subreddit.

Asked 13 days ago

A : To piss everyone off

Q : Are you scared of Helk or something? he's turing ''your'' game in to shit and you're not doing anything about it, well done.

Asked 13 days ago

A : This is helk's project. He's the founder, the creator. He came up with the idea, wrote the first version, he coded all of the gameplay in legacy. That's why I let him call the shots, why I don't overrule him.

Latest events
New commit from Peter
Scene stuff.
in main/hapis4 #20800

8 hours ago

New commit from Peter
Fixed the pine tree that someone made neon-green.
in main/hapis4 #20800

8 hours ago

New commit from Peter
Fixed the baby pines that somehow received growth hormones.
in main/hapis4 #20800

8 hours ago

New commit from Diogo
Added useVertexNormal and doubleSided lighting option
in main #20799

9 hours ago

New commit from Diogo
Reduced albedo on rotor materials for heli and cargo plane + enabled normal and double sided
in main #20799

9 hours ago

Latest blog post

Devblog 161

Item reskinning, nicer road sign armour, a look at upcoming Hapis Island upgrades, and more.

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