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Garry Newman 7,313
André Straubmeier 5,506
Maurino Berry 2,644
Diogo Teixeira 2,020
Vincent Mayeur 1,701
Shit garry says

Q : what do you think about the people moaning about the components and wanting blueprints or a hybrid between all 3 systems?

Asked 11 days ago

A : People only remember what they want to remember. They forget all the negatives. A good example is legacy. You'll always find someone trumpeting about how it was great and we should try to be more like it. I played legacy recently for the first time in a few years, and it's a piece of shit. It looks horrible, it plays horrible. I'm embarrassed that we even sold it.

Q : Don't laugh Garry, but I saw that the Nintendo Switch names Unity as one of it's compatibilities. What's the chances of RUST coming out on the switch? Personally I think you should do it because it'd be great lulz. also all those dudes that get pissed when they're offline raided can play at work.

Asked 11 days ago

A : 0 chance

Q : Hi, in some twitter reply you said that gmod2 will come out at "sept 16th". So what happened? Is it still alive? And there is any release date?

Asked by Дмитрий Гаврилов, 15 days ago

A : Yep, sept 16th

Latest events
New commit from Damian
Rocket factory interior / walkway greyboxes
in main/dungeon_art_5 #19928

2 hours ago

New commit from André
Fixed having accidentally enabled entity pooling on ceiling lights when adding it to furnaces
in main #19927

4 hours ago

New commit from Diogo
Smoother bloom in both LQ and HQ
in main #19926

5 hours ago

New commit from Vincent
in main/dungeon_art_5 #19925

5 hours ago

New commit from André
EntityFlag_Toggle is stripped from client / server if it shouldn't run there (reduces memory usage)
in main #19924

7 hours ago

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