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Check Rust "vital signs" at a glance : numbers of players and servers online, most active developers and fun stats. All sorts of statistics and IP address of the game servers. A list of all Rust Official servers too.

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Garry Newman 7,314
André Straubmeier 5,510
Maurino Berry 2,651
Diogo Teixeira 2,024
Vincent Mayeur 1,702
Shit garry says

Q : When you are thinking about buffing something like a muzzle break, do you ever try it out yourself? I really doubt it, because either you make something terrible or actually insane. Try to balance it more by trying it out yourself. Thanks.

Asked 2 days ago

A : This is helks job, not mine. Please send the abuse to him, not me.

Q : Now that you have put in all the hard work to get to Unity 5.6, what is the likelihood of rudimentary Vulkan support making it in in the near future? Sorry if I have missed you discussing this recently elsewhere. Thank you for all the work you guys do.

Asked by Jorgen, 4 days ago

A : Doesn't seem any pointless right now. It's slower than dx11 renderer at the moment.

Q : why haven't you answered any questions in 29 days?

Asked 7 days ago

A : Shit questions

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Devblog 156

The Heavy Armour’s Helmet now impairs your vision, a peek at the launch site monument, and more.

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