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Check Rust "vital signs" at a glance : numbers of players and servers online, most active developers and fun stats. All sorts of statistics and IP address of the game servers. A list of all Rust Official servers too.

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Hall of famesince June 2014

Developer # of commits
Garry Newman 7,207
André Straubmeier 5,334
Maurino Berry 2,533
Diogo Teixeira 1,981
Vincent Mayeur 1,636
Shit garry says

Q : Is "Time Of Day" plugin is used by Rust ? :p (Done by André)!/content/7316

Asked 18 days ago

A : Yep

Q : in which way would you point me to learn about authoritive server and networking in general? Is there any good books, aricles, assets that you know about? Thanks

Asked by christoffer asp, 18 days ago

A : Half life engine is pretty good

Q : Have skins scrapped the potential for modular weapons?

Asked 18 days ago

A : Definitely not

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Client update
New update available

7 hours ago

Server update
New update available

7 hours ago

New commit from Diogo
Fixed culling lag when players turn visible
in main #19370

11 hours ago

New commit from Diogo
Cherry picked latest foliage shader changes from dungeon_art_4
in main #19367

13 hours ago

New commit from Diogo
Fixed foliage not showing on editor start (bug in ST wind code)
in prerelease/dungeon_art_4 #19366

14 hours ago

Latest blog post

Devblog 149

Pull on the Heavy Plate Armour and decorate your base with bears, chairs, tables, and rugs. Also, maps now show landmarks and Vending Machines, naked players who have weapons will be highlighted, you can add guest codes to your base, and more.

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