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Some information about Rust Monitor as well as the complete changelog.


What is Rust Monitor

Well, quite obviously, it's a tool that allows one to monitor Rust's "vital signs".

You can check your favorite's (official) server stats, informations, map and other details. You can also follow the development of the game and see pretty much anything interesting going on with Rust.

Please note that it's in very early alpha stage. It can break pretty much any time.

Current state

Servers monitored

For now it only monitors official servers. I do plan on allowing third party servers at some point. However, the servers are added manually and I don't want to have it any other way. Some of you guys run servers with stupid names. I understand it's your only way to give details about it in the server browser, but no way I'm having that shit displayed here ! My plan for this is to allow server owners to submit their sites with a decent name for it.

Data collected

I try to get as much as I can. I'll try to add more data from other sources when I stumble upon them.

What's next

If you guys like this site (discuss it here) I plan on implementing quite a few things.

Obviously, some user panel for you guys to add your own servers, save your favourites, create alerts and stuff. And some other goodies I'll tell you about later.


You can discuss Rust Monitor on Reddit.


Big up to :

  • Sergey Galyonkin for making and letting me use some of Steam Spy's data.
  • All of the open source community which makes it so easy to build awesome things !
  • Nevo, the guy running Rust Hub, for making a cool logo for Rust Monitor
  • RustFanatic for generally being awesome

If I'm using something you've made and would like your name to be here, contact me :)


Here you can find updated details about what has recently been changed :

v 0.0.20

  • Fixed (I think) a long standing issue the bots have been having with OVH servers hosted in Australia
  • The username of the reported player is now displayed (and searchable) on the cheater's page. Because of API limits, we batch the requests to Steam so the name might not be immediately available though
  • Updated a few libraries, tidied up, fixed a problem with the Steam client crashing like a little bitch, and all that kind of stuff that does not really matter to anyone else but hey: it's an update anyway okay ?
  • Update to how we're getting the official servers list

v 0.0.19

  • Minor update to the commit log system to take into consideration Facepunch's new site where they also post their commits to the game. The most important front-facing change is that now the full commit text is displayed instead of being limited by Twitter's 140 characters rule
  • Minor update to the peaks player graph on server pages making it scale closer to the max number of players and thus giving a more accurate picture (small bars mean little players online, tall bars mean full server)
  • Fix for the new official server listing system which had his hiccups but is now stable. A collateral to this new system is that official servers, if updated (same server, but different IP address), will be removed and added back thus losing history for previous IP. To prevent too much spamming, removed servers are not broadcasted to Twitter & Slack anymore as it's bound to happen much more often now

v 0.0.18

  • Fixed a problem occuring when the preview image for the current Twitch top streamer had a name with special characters. I noticed the problem a long time ago but didn't bother fixing it until I realized one Korean guy was often the top Rust channel on Twitch. So that's for you 사모장 !
  • If a server has been offline for a while, the computed peak times will always show 0 because, well, there's never anyone on the server. So now, if it's the case, we just hide that bitch
  • Improved the commit search allowing you to force a dev. For instance type "dev:garry shit" will return all commits where Garry says "shit" in them. The dev name is looked up "smartly" meaning it will also work with "dev:newman shit" or even "dev:garrynewman shit". Of course, it will also work the other way round ie : "shit dev:garry"
  • On the Rust developers page, we get the image from their Twitter profile. If they didn't set one, we replace that with a Facepunch logo that looks better
  • Rust Fanatic has stopped supporting their maps, so we can't use them anymore on Rust Monitor, looking for an alternative solution. Until then, no maps on the site
  • Support for when there's no commits at all in a week
  • Fixed an issue with SteamSpy
  • Fixed an issue with Ask.FM
  • Fixed an issue where funny branch names would display poorly in the commits list

v 0.0.17

  • Added a "players peaks" graph to the servers pages : it lets you see how many people are connected on average, on a daily and hourly basis. This allows you to check if a server is - on average - populated or empty when you like to play the most. Data is adjusted to your timezone. Was inspired by Google's "popular times" : Google Popular Times
  • Also added a developers page so you can learn a bit more about the folks building your favourite game
  • Now displaying averaged data about a server : average FPS, average players, average entities and average players queued if relevant. This is computed from the last 45 days of data
  • Changed the charts in the servers list so that they are actually representative of how populated a server was in the recent past as they now aligned proportionally to the server's players slots ie : if a server is half full, the chart will show half-full too
  • Fixed various issues with the maps
  • Updated the Ask.FM bot
  • Updated Geo IP data (localisation of a server based on it's IP)
  • Updated Twitch bots to work with the latest version of Twitch's API
  • Updated pinned icon on Safari
  • Added full support for Barren and the new Savas maps
  • Slightly improved server capacity (before the site is moved to a much more scalable infrastructure soon) - performances are still shit
  • Slightly improved loading times of pages - performances are still shit

v 0.0.16

  • A new cheaters page was added. It tracks the number of bans made every day in the last two weeks and it also displays a list of reports made to @RustHackReport on Twitter
  • In the chart with the players connected, queued and the FPS on the servers' page, the queued players were being cumulated when data was grouped (when you're not zoomed in enough to see all the points in the graph). It didn't make no sense at all. Now, it's averaged which means the data you'll see, even without zooming in the chart, will actually be representative of that timeframe
  • Last update I introduced a way to search through all the commits I logged since I started Rust Monitor. It was built to be future proof, with an increasing amount of commits being logged. However, it was not very efficient on the client side (in your browser). I've fixed that, it should run smoothly now, whether you're searching, sorting or whatever
  • I've spent some time building tools that'd allow me to monitor the site & the services more easily. I've made myself a desktop & mobile app that keeps me updated on various key metrics and allows me to react faster when something goes wrong
  • Since the Rust XP update the traffic on the site increased a lot, I've made some minor adjustments to balance it a bit better but it might still get slow when there's a lot of concurrent users connected. If you want to fund a new and better hosting infrastructure, feel free to donate, there's a link at the bottom of this page ;)
  • I've made some adjustments to how and who can access the site. If you're getting an error message and think that you shouldn't, let me know
  • I changed the title of the pages so "Rust Monitor" comes last. It didn't make sense to have it come first, and switching between tabs when you had a few opened at the same time felt like playing the roulette, and I'm no gambler
  • Upgraded a few front-end libraries, support for Internet Explorer 8 is now non-existant. But honestly, if you're using IE8, what the fuck's wrong with you ??
  • Updated how I query Steam for players' statistic to make it more efficient
  • Changed the font stack
  • Correctly handling emojis now, since they've become absolutely inevitable
  • The "players online" chart now displays 7 days of day, instead of just 24 hours
  • I fixed a bug that caused image resizing to kinda fuck up in Safari (both macOS & iOS)
  • Added a graph showing the number of commits everyday for the last 2 months on the commits page

v 0.0.15

  • You don't really care which "branch version" a commit was made on. So, now, I'll be hiding this, until you put your mouse hover it. So, for main/some_branch#1234, you'll only see main/some_branch
  • Added a page where you can see / search / sort all the commits made by the developers at Facepunch. I've been collecting those from Twitter for the last 7 months. I think this is now the best way to follow up on Rust development for all of your "Rust Journalists". For instance it's super easy to only see the commits from Garry, or Diogo. It's also super easy to search for something, such as "RCON" and get all the commits mentioning that. When you search or sort, the table will remember it and, next time you visit, it will keep it's current state. You can clear this by click the "Reset table" button just above it. I think it's a super cool feature
  • Improved the experience of the tables (the one on the servers list page and the commits page). You can now use the pagination and the search fields both above a below the table. The visual experience is better too now, especially on smaller mobile devices
  • You know when sometimes in a commit, Rust's devs mention "Fix for RUST-1234". Since I've been displaying commits on the site, I have made those "RUST-1234" clickable and they would open the issue they're talking about in their Jira. Now, if you just hover such a link it will show you the issue title, it's type (bug, improvement, ..) and it's status (done, to do, ...). Of course, you can still click on the link if you want the full Jira page. Works on all devices
  • You can now click on the "Alpha" badge that's in the top left corner, and it will redirect you to this changelog page
  • I have made a bunch of improvements, as always, to make the site and the bots faster, reduce the server load, update the bots and ensure the experience is good on every kind of device

v 0.0.14

  • A much requested feature is in in this update : you can now see 1 week of data for each server monitored. I had to tweak how the charts were working, and it's putting more load on your browser and my bandwidth but hey, I think it's worth it. If you think otherwise, feel free to let me know
  • This has also been much requested : maps are added for each server monitored. I've partnered with RustFanatic which provides, in my opinion, the best maps available for Rust. I consider this integration to be at it's beta stage right now, but I think it already is a great tool for every player out there
  • While I was adding heavy stuff to the site (images, more charts data, interactive maps, ...) I've also been working on reducing the footprint of those additions on your browser and bandwidth. I'm hoping the site isn't slowing down too much for you. Again, let me know how it works for you
  • I updated a lot of dependencies in this update too, again to try and make things go as smooth as possible. I'm a smooth individual

v 0.0.13

  • Fixed a bug which caused the % of the total Rust audience on Twitch to be fake as fuck. Actually, I did not fix the bug because it was not my fault, but Twitch's. I just found a way around it
  • Fixed a long standing issue I had with SteamSpy. Sergey Galyonkin, the guy behind the site, started using a DDoS / bots protection provided by CloudFlare which blocks all bots from parsing the site. I messaged him a few times about whitelisting my bot, but that never happened. So I went ahead and wrote the code needed to bypass that bitch. Good news is, I'm now displaying 3 months of data when I only used to show 1 month
  • Now using the same style for the "latest blog post" & "top Twitch channel" blocks in the sidebar
  • I have made a bot that will send a message in the channel of the top Twitch streamer for Rust (the channel playing Rust which has the most views), notifying everyone there that they are #1. So far, the feedback has been very mitigated : some streamers love it, some hate it. So I might change it, or update it somehow
  • I have made the bot that looks for new blog posts from Facepunch much, much faster

v 0.0.12

  • Added a notification system for when a server goes down. It's still in testing and not publicly available but will allow one to subscribe to notifications for a given server and receive an alert when it goes down (HTTP, Slack & Pushover at first). Stay tuned for that release
  • Fixed a bug that fucked with the filters on the timeline page
  • If you want to share a Rust Monitor URL on Facebook or Twitter, it should display a little bit more nicely now
  • Created a Twitter account that will post various updates (automatically and manually) such as a new post on Rust's site, the week's most active developer, when a new official server is added, ...
  • I'm now gathering data from Garry's Ask.FM account and displaying them in the "Shit garry says" section on the homepage. If you know any other dev at Facepunch using Ask.FM, please let me know
  • The top Twitch channel playing Rust (the one with the most viewers) is now featured in the side bar. I had a sweet integration that allowed one to watch the stream right from within the site but then I realized Twitch does not support HTTPS embeds with it's HTML5 player (if you don't know what I'm talking about, it means Twitch sucks big time). So as soon as Twitch enables that technology that's been widely available for the last 5 or 10 years, I'll make sure you can watch the stream without going on Twitch's shitty site using their shitty Flash player
  • A lot of internal improvements, mostly on the data model and overall speed of the bots. I know you don't care about it but trust me, it's for the best and will help me scale the site as it gathers more and more data and it's getting more and more visitors

v 0.0.11

  • Fixed a bug that caused the queued players count to not autoupdate on the chart
  • Fixed a bad routing request that caused Google not to index all pages (duh)
  • Made a RSS feed for the timeline events. Not sure it's really ready for production though, but if you want to test it let me know
  • Optimised sitemap
  • Improved the site's relation with Slack (better URL sharing, better bot, better parsing, ...)
  • Updated the auto-renaming of the servers that generates the urls, it will work better with accentuated characters now
  • You can now search a server by IP (no autocomplete though, you'll have to type the full IP)
  • You can now search servers with accentuated characters in their names, even without actually using the accent
  • You can now hover the commits in the "latest events" block to display the actual commit message
  • Added PayPal as a donation option

v 0.0.10

  • Support for the new connection queuing feature in Rust (will show in players graph)
  • Extreme optimisations to the data model. Some pages were taking up to 1.5 secs to generate and I couldn't let this happen. Site is now faster and smoother than ever
  • Updated my old "API" to an actual REST API. It's now faster and easier for me to update. Doesn't change anything for you
  • Updated logs strategy to keep less logs (had over 100Mb of logs...)
  • Started collecting data from Twitch. Not sure what to do with it yet, but it's there
  • Tried to improve the shitty SEO (this is what you get for only showing graphs)
  • Added social meta data for when sharing the site on Twitter / Facebook or Google+ (haha)
  • Servers table is now sorted by entities by default (used to be by uptime)
  • Fixed a bug that I just noticed that mixed up the average uptime of each server. They now show an accurate uptime percentage

v 0.0.9

  • Fixed a JS crash when trying to load a tweet when the client was blocking Twitter's JS in the timeline
  • Added an event filter on the timeline page
  • In the timeline you can now see the text of the commit without expanding the tweet
  • In the timeline you can hover the time (ie. "5 days ago") to display the actual time adjusted for your timezone
  • Added a direct connect button on the servers' pages (directly launches Rust via Steam and connects to that server)
  • Added a donate button in the footer (Bitcoins only)
  • If I have a Twitter account for a dev, you can click his/her name to go check it out
  • Autolinking in the server description (will automagically create a link if you have an url in there)
  • Updated the logo
  • You can click the "server down" block at the top of the site to see a list of servers currently down

v 0.0.8

  • Fixed a bug in the charts on the server page which caused them to sometimes not auto-update
  • Added an hover effect on the image of the latest blog post in the sidebar
  • Servers' table is now paginated
  • Optimized a few charts (they load quicker, using less ressources)
  • Displaying the latest events on the sidebar
  • Added a timeline page where you can read more about the latest events
  • Removed the "fun stats", they are inaccurate anyway

v 0.0.7

  • Small SEO improvements
  • Fixed a few display annoyances
  • Upgraded the parser of to bypass CloudFlare's anti-DDoS which was stopping me from parsing the site correctly + some optimisations on the parser itself (less likely to fail)
  • Replaced the harvested data chart on the home page with the number of live servers, averaged every day for the last 15 days

v 0.0.6

  • New menu because the old one was just taking too much space. This should improve the user experience mostly for tablets users
  • The harvested data graph now only displays 12 hours of data
  • The server's list page will remember your sorting options and search query - by default it will sort the servers by uptime but you might want it otherwise and I don't want you to waste your precious time sorting the table over and over again ... I care for you
  • The server's list uptime badge will change color depending on it's value
  • Tweaked the bot that gets the data from SteamSpy to reduce the number of requests it does

v 0.0.5

  • Reduced the font size of the "fun stats", it was just huge ...
  • Added a graph that displays the resources collected (wood and stones only for now) in a 15 minutes time frame. It means you can see how much shit was harvested in the last 15 minutes, and this for every 15 minutes in the last 24 hours

v 0.0.4

  • Added a favicon (it's the Rust logo, still looking for a logo of my own)
  • The servers' header images are now served locally. It's a security measure for when users will be allowed to add their own servers to the site
  • SSL everywhere
  • Fixed a couple typos here and there
  • Charts now update themselves more reliably and only one point at a time
  • Changed the "version" icon on a server's page for something more relevant
  • Added memory data to the "Players VS FPS" graph - which is now called "Players VS FPS VS memory" - I might make it a graph of it's own
  • Added the "fun facts" you can see on the main screen of Rust. I'm only displaying a few, but let me know if you'd like to have some more. I might compute the "xx harvested" data into graphs / day to show how much wood / stones / ore were collected on a daily basis

v 0.0.3

  • Added "About" pop over on the "Global activity data" chart, giving details about the said chart
  • Tweaked the commits tracking bot to work with the new @RustUpdates formatting (expect little bugs still)
  • Fixed a typo in the "Entities" chart
  • First pass at trying to make this site look decent on Windows (I mean look at those fonts ...)
  • "Report a bug" link now points to Slack
  • Crawlers optimized
  • Server side optimizations
  • Small data management optimizations
  • (ridiculously) Small SEO improvements
  • Added changelog tab on the about page

v 0.0.2

  • Public alpha release

v 0.0.1

  • Private alpha release
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