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Statistics & map for the Rust server Intoxicated EU Battle Royale 1

Data, ip address, map and statistics for the Rust server Intoxicated EU Battle Royale 1 collected by Rust Monitor.

Server details

Intoxicated EU Battle Royale 1 Procedural - 0 players - Running

Server Details

  • Last restart : 8 hours ago
  • Uptime (%) : 99 %
  • Version : 2037
  • OS : Windows
  • Country :
  • Last checked : 1 minute ago

  • Max players : 100
  • Avg. players : 24
  • Avg. FPS : 159
  • Avg. entities : 27,144

  • Map : Procedural
  • Map Seed : 361944
  • Map Size : 4500

Server description

You spawn on the edge of the initial playable area with a torch, bandage and map at sunrise. Find loot as you make your way to the center of the map. The radiation moves closer to the center over time.

Games with only a few players will last about 10 minutes whereas one with many will last about 17 minutes. You can spectate while waiting for the next game.

Custom buildings which are used are created by members of the community. You can create and submit your own builds from any Intoxicated Sandbox server.

Latest events
Client update
New update available

5 hours ago

New commit from Maurino
Candlehat hotfix
in main/hotfix 1123

7 hours ago

Client update
New update available

8 hours ago

New devblog
Devblog 187 released

8 hours ago

Server update
New update available

9 hours ago

Latest blog post

Devblog 187

A first look at the junkyard, inventory and UI changes, half height walls, bulletproof glass, and more.

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