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Statistics & map for the Rust server - Long II

Data, ip address, map and statistics for the Rust server - Long II collected by Rust Monitor.

Server details - Long II Procedural - 66 players - Running

Server Details

  • Last restart : 1 day ago
  • Uptime (%) : 100 %
  • Version : 2064
  • OS : Windows
  • Country :
  • Last checked : 1 minute ago

  • Max players : 200
  • Avg. players : 89
  • Avg. queued : 1
  • Avg. FPS : 224
  • Avg. entities : 108,938

  • Map : Procedural
  • Map Seed : 875324
  • Map Size : 4000

Server description

Long II: Same Long flavor, times two Monthly (or when forced)
Last wipe: March 1st @ 1:30pm EST - Next wipe: April 5th @ Update
Blueprints wipe every 2 months. Next: 5th April

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Please behave in a mature manner. Trolls, asshats, and toxic players are not welcome. Server rules:

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  • Started on Bradley Scientist.
  • Started on CH47 Scientist.
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