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Statistics & map for the Rust server Rustopia |US| Dev

Data, ip address, map and statistics for the Rust server Rustopia |US| Dev collected by Rust Monitor.

Server details

Rustopia |US| Dev Procedural - 0 players - Down

Server Details

  • Last seen : 12 days ago
  • Uptime (%) : 59 %
  • Version : 2022
  • OS : Windows
  • Country :
  • Last checked : 1 minute ago

  • Max players : 5
  • Avg. players : 31
  • Avg. FPS : 236
  • Avg. entities : 41,721

  • Map : Procedural
  • Map Seed : 6
  • Map Size : 3000

Server description


No Vac Bans Period (no matter age or game)
No Game Bans newer than a pre determined play time
Must have more than 3 hours of Rust play time.
No Cheats or Hacks
No Abusive or Racial Comments
No Exploits or Glitches
No URL Links
Speak English in chat, this is a US server
Be Respectful to Admins

Latest events
New commit from André
Fixed network read stream returning incorrect values for the custom position / unread properties
in main/eac_api_2_2 #23342

9 minutes ago

New commit from André
Merge from main
in main/eac_api_2_2 #23340

about 1 hour ago

New commit from Pål
NPCs will now perform more expensive position sampling when they consider themselves stuck.
in main #23339

about 1 hour ago

New commit from Maurino
Python tier 2 wb
in main #23334

2 hours ago

New commit from Maurino
Ladder hatch tier 2 wb/loot
in main #23334

2 hours ago

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